Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own beer or liquor?

You may bring in your own food and drinks. You may also bring in beer and wines and liquor. However, you are not allowed to drink LIQUOR while throwing axes, you will have to wait until after you throw axes to consume liquor. Beer and wine is okay to drink while throwing.

What if I have more than four people in my group?

You may have more than 4 per lane. However, we recommend 4 throwers per lane, and if you have more than 4, to book an additional lane(s).

How can I pay?

We would prefer you booked ahead online and payed with a credit card. We do allow walk-ins and accept cash.

What should I wear?

Throwers MUST wear closed-toed shoes and wear comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing loose/baggy clothing and accessories.

Age limit?

Everyone must sign a waiver of liability and those under 18 must have a legal guardian sign for them. We recommend throwers to be 14+, as kids may not have the strength to throw the axe all the way to the target.

Do I need experience?

No experience is necessary. We will go over safety and rules and teach you how to throw axes. Coaches will be monitoring the throwing areas and are there to offer tips and advice as needed. 

What’s it cost?

It is $25 + tax per person. You get the lane for 60 minutes. That time does include check-in, safety, etc. So please show up on time to ensure you get full use of your time.

Private Events

You can host a private event on any day of the week, except for Friday and Saturday after 4pm. The minimum cost for a private event is $320 for 2 hours. A deposit of $150 is required. You get to use all 6 lanes for this price, with up to 16 people in the building. Each additional person is +$16. Additional kids are $5. You may bring your own food and drinks. We will also setup a bounce house out front for kids to jump in during private events, with upgrades to slides, obstacles, etc., for an additional cost.

To book a private event or get more info you will need to call in or email us.